Chukotka: A story from the End of the Earth.


Two years ago I had the amazing opportunity to go literally to the end of the earth to photograph people who never had their photo taken.
At schools, churches, homes and hospitals I could give people a moment to forget their troubles and just smile for the camera. But while shooting with nomadic reindeer herding families it was me who was most deeply touched by the experience. For although my hosts had few material possessions they shared with me something rare in the world – a sense of peace and satisfaction with life.
This March we are going back on a new journey across Chukotka. We are going to travel over 1000 miles and reach out to the most unreached places in Chukotka. We will visit people who have never had visitors in their life, stopping by every village and tribe on the way, giving them warm clothes, shoes, gifts, and simply showing them grace and love. The very exciting part of the trip will be taking pictures of the natives, printing them on the spot, and handing them to the villagers. This will be the very first time that these people had ever had their photo taken.As we travel, our video crew will be documenting the lives of the locals who live in the harmony with nature. We want to hear about their lives, struggles, resilience and where they see themselves in this rapidly changing world. Our documentary film about this journey, will bring the voices of this land to people all around the globe. We hope to engage humanity’s deep rooted fascination with nature and desire to understand humanity. Perhaps by getting a glimpse of this nomadic way of life we will reflect on this modern world and what in our lives is truly important.
A large part of the project is sponsored by us, but unfortunately we can’t pay for all of it ourselves. That is why we need your HELP. Your money will buy clothes & gifts for the natives and help with the travel.

Chukotka: A story from the End of the Earth. from Uforia formerly Shiksa Studio on Vimeo.










Previous project:
Project team:
A guy with a crazy idea - Sasha L.
Cinematographers – Alex&Diana Shik.
Director of photography – Alex Shik
Transportation manager – Sly Grinko.
Writer – Daniel Usenko and Phil Koo

Current sponsors and support:
Gear: LensProToGo
Medical: Remote Medical
Photo bags: ThinkTank Photo
Design Agency: Flosites

Comments: 21
  1. Tamryn Henn Mar 05th 13:19

    You just lived one of my dreams…amazing, inspiring and when can I come with!

  2. Ayan Villafuerte Nov 20th 14:19

    amazing experience

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  4. Rolando Cervantes Nov 20th 22:01

    Just Beautiful. Thank you!

  5. Thaís Allina Nov 20th 23:52

    The world needs actions like that. An amazing trip to do an amazing work. Awesome! The pics are just perfect! Congratulations for all involved.

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  10. Andy Hayes Nov 25th 02:50

    How about some technical info? Film or (most likely) digital? F-stop, shutter speed, white balance or filters?

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    [...] temperatures of -45f to visit a place that is literally located at the end of the earth, Sasha Leahovcenco photographed people who have never had their picture taken [...]

  15. Jerry Jaramillo Dec 20th 05:19

    FANTASTIC, Mahalo ke Akua. Aloha.

  16. Dave Abreu Dec 20th 16:29

    Awesome photo op…Once or twice in a lifetime expedition..

  17. sheryl Dec 20th 19:30

    Maybe just leave them alone. You had a chance to do something for people who will never pay you back? They’re giving you your career. Maybe it is not so good for them to have pictures of themselves. How are you changing their way of life, how they perceive themselves. They are not a frontier or something to be claimed.

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  20. Nikolay Mirchev Feb 08th 20:52

    Wow this is such an amazing adventure and experience. I wish I was there too ;) Stunning work

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