“Future of Haiti.”

Future of Haiti-31

This year I had opportunity to go to Haiti couple of times. First time I went with a group of doctors, and most of the time I spent in the tent camps helping them. Yet, as a photographer I wanted to bring something back from Haiti and share it with the world. But I didn’t know what was it. After spending couple of days in tent camp and seeing this horrible situation with my own eyes, I could understand one of the article I read which was called “Haiti – country with No Hope.” And sadly to say, that’s how it is. Chaos, that’s how I would describe the condition in Haiti. Government doesn’t care about people, and people don’t care about each other. Scenes which we can’t even imagine here in United States, are daily life in Haiti.
And what touched me the most are the kids who are being raised without parents, who witnessed disaster which blows our mind even on TV, who are going through daily life not going to kindergarten or school, but instead looking for food. And those kids are “Future of Haiti.” That is why I decided to do this series. To show who are the future of Haiti.

I had only couple of days to photograph, as most of the time we would spend helping people in medical clinics and also distributing food. Also, we were told to leave tent camps before 6, as most of the criminals where hiding in those camps and it was dangerous to stay there in the evenings. Yet, one evening I decided to stay and couple of the men from the team stayed with me to help. I grabbed my camera, and would walk around the tent camps and just meet people and talk to them. People were very friendly and nice. I stayed till the very night, and thanks God nothing happened. I could take one of most powerful images I photographed in my life.

behind the scenes info:
Due to the fact that I had to move from place to place in order to photograph, I knew I had to have a very small and portable setup. I had my Canon 5D Mark II with 50 1.2, and a 580ex II flash with 28″ westcott softbox.

Comments: 13
  1. Olga Mikhaylenko May 17th 19:23

    Wow these are very powerful, very sad.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Julia N May 17th 19:38

    “Are you gonna eat that?” -WOW. Great post.

  3. Natasha May 17th 19:54

    These are beautiful and moving… good work, Sanya

  4. Max Lopatin May 17th 19:57

    Sasha wow, very touching images.

  5. josh behan May 17th 20:07

    really beautiful portraits Sasha.

  6. Max Mikhaylenko May 17th 20:32

    I bet that was an incredible experience, great shots!

  7. Lena Kondratets May 18th 02:43

    Poor kids, and how blessed are we to have everything and be able to use those resources to help those who are less fortunate around the world. Good job!

  8. Harmony May 18th 04:44

    These children are so beautiful. Their eyes, though full of sorrow, tell of strength unmatched and a spirit that wills to live.

  9. Michelle Rose May 18th 17:20

    I want to take them all home…You have captured their emotion so beautifully…you could read a thousand stories in their eyes.
    Fabulous work xx

  10. daniel stark May 18th 22:16

    sasha, this is so powerful so well done. wow.

  11. davina + daniel May 18th 22:22

    the first shot is just WOW. great series Sasha!

  12. los mikhailos May 19th 00:21

    great post! lovely work!

  13. francis Jun 17th 16:52

    blown. away.
    great photographs.. so powerful and full of emotion. you have a new fan. thank you for sharing.

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