One thing I learned from sitting in traffic is that nothing ever happens. Yup, exactly, hours of ‘nothing ever happens’. Thousands of people staring into their phones, waiting for the lights to change.
On this particular day, however, God prepared something very special for me, I met Reggie.
You know that awkward moment at the stoplight when a man or woman in need walks by your window asking for some pocket change and you start anxiously pretending to be looking at your phone? That’s how I met Reggie.
He approached my car with his tiny jar looking for change, I reached into my wallet to see if I had any, and all I could find was a $20 bill. “That’s too much for him”, I thought. At this time, as he was close enough to me so that I could see his face. I was stunned! I have never seen anything like that before. His face was disfigured from burn marks and his speech was affected.
I didn’t feel any fear or pity, I just remember having a very clear thought that this man needs the $20 bill in my wallet way more than I did. The man said ‘thank you’, and kept going.
Have you ever met someone with a story? This man had a story, and I decided I wanted to learn it.
As he was walking away, I said:
What’s your name?
Reggie, he said.
What happened to you, Reggie? Considering his looks, I thought that’s a questions he’s been asked many times before.
I was in a fire.
Did your house catch on fire?
No, I set myself on fire…
I was stunned. Why would anyone set themselves on fire? I could squeeze a word out for some time. The light was about to change, but I was determined to find out more. I asked Reggie if I could come back to hear his story, and he kindly agreed.
I was back on Reggie’s corner 2 days later. In the next 8 minutes you’ll hear his story. This accidental encounter has brought a lot of positivity in my life. I only ask that you pay close attention to what he’s got to say. His current attitude towards life, driven by the conclusions he made through his difficult times, is just as important as the journey itself.
We honk at other cars in traffic, we cuss at slow drivers, we are so angry and impatient all the time. And then, there’s Reggie. He carries the burden and pain of his prior mistakes, and yet there’s not a glimpse of negativity. Reggie isn’t blaming anyone, he isn’t out for revenge or justice. Reggie is, for me, a refreshing reminder to be grateful and aware of all the beautiful people and precious moments in our lives. He also reminded me that there is always more to someone than what appears on the surface. We’re too quick to judge, to place a label and dismiss, to hide our faces in our phones to avoid eye contact.
So, my friend, stop for a moment and listen. After all, you might be sitting in traffic right now, and someone with a story like Reggie’s could be walking past you.

Reggie from The Film House on Vimeo.


Filmed by:
Written by: Alex Haceaturean

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  1. Ovidiu Lesan Jan 20th 21:10

    Congratulations, you put here a real life lesson!

  2. Amy van Riessen Jan 21st 16:50

    Thank you for doing this. I saw this post through a friend on Facebook. I used to live in Sacramento and would see this man asking for money all the time. I always wondered what his story was. And now I know. Thank you for humanizing Reggie and what he’s been through and sharing his story so the rest of us can learn from him. Great job.

  3. Amelia Armstrong Jan 21st 18:13

    The depth of his pain puts mine in perspective. Such a beautifully told story and an even more beautiful human spirit. Thank you, Sasha.

  4. Bailey Jan 21st 20:30

    Thank you for this!

  5. Katie Flores Jan 21st 20:56

    This is beautiful.Everyone should watch it & learn to not judge others.We are all fighting our own battles.

  6. Casey Jan 21st 21:33

    I used to work for the Best Buy around where this man panhandles. Trust me, he NEEDS no ones money. He has an abundance of designer clothes and gold chains. He also has plenty of friends and the money you give him goes to support his lavish lifestyle.

    I used to also feel for this man. Until I saw him walk into my store not dressed in the rags he usually wears when conning people out of their hard earned money. I was shocked and dismay that someone would use their disfigurement so dishonestly.

  7. Kevin Jan 21st 21:51

    I never knew his story. Living in Sacramento, I see so many people asking for spare change that I sometimes forget there is a life and a story to that human. Thank you for sharing this. It was beautiful.

  8. Julian Howard Jan 21st 21:52

    This Man IS Enlightened Fashioned by Fire I Don’t Know Him but I LOVE Him He Taught Me that it’s NOT That Bad GOD is Great & Life IS Good

  9. Ashley Jan 21st 21:59

    Thank you for this. Beautifuly done.

  10. Jill Stafford Jan 21st 22:11

    Thank you so much for doing this. I’ve seen Reggie so many times, for so many years, always giving when I can. It’s so touching to finally be able to hear his story.

  11. Kathy Jan 21st 22:25

    Beautifully done. Thank you for finding out & sharing Reggie’s story.

  12. Julieann Martin Jan 21st 22:40

    A friend shared your link with me. We have had many encounters with Reggie and find that he is an absolutely amazing human being with quite the sense of humor. It makes me very happy to see that he finally received more recognition for being such an amazing person. Thanks for writing this peace and sharing Reggies story! He has quite the amazing heart! :)

  13. BreyAuna Moore Jan 21st 22:50

    I remeber being a small girl when i first saw Mr. Reggie. I was a little girl at Mount olive bc and alway wanted to kno his story. I even remember when he was first burned, i would pray for him Sunday after Sunday. As an adult it is now humbling to hear it. Now when i have a day like to day, i can think back until now how God has the power to bring us through. Thanx for taking the time to write this.

  14. PreetAleet Jan 21st 23:00

    I used to attend Paul Mitchell the school and I walked by Reggie everyday. I always wondered what his story was but smiled and kept walking. Thank you for doing this!

  15. Linda Price Jan 21st 23:02

    I’ve lived in Sac. most of my life and know the area Reggie panhandles in well. I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered Reggie, but, this man has a beautiful testimony all need to hear, and thank you, Sasha, for sharing. I am troubled by some of the comments by the people who say they have encountered for Reggie, however. God shows Favor and Favor isn’t necessarily fair is our eyes. God has shown this man Favor. God demands nothing in return. The man may have demons and struggles we’ll never know…I would not trade my life for his. I understand and agree that no one wants to feel taken advantage of. If Reggie is still not using his blessings for good, let’s continue to pray for him…he still has time to “get it right” and be a real blessing to so many with his testimony . In the end, it’s between him and God.

  16. Kayla Jan 21st 23:05

    So as I’m sitting in my car at this very moment just as I finished the video, Reggie walked out of the UPS store next to chipotle on Howe and Arden!!! I called his name and he turned around. I only had $5 on me, so I gave it to him, but I told him I had just heard his story. He asked me if he could watch it, to which I said yes. We both sat in my car and watched the video. But only up to the part where he talked about the fire. He started crying. It was so sad. I gave him a hug and he left.

  17. Martha Jan 21st 23:14

    Thank you for sharing Reggies story. I always look for him when I’m in that area so I can give him a few dollars if I happen to have cash on me. I’ve always wondered what his story was.

  18. Ellen Jan 21st 23:30

    I too have seen Reggie at the corner and what ever money I have I give to him. I have often wondered what happened, but I have admired his courage and tenacity as I have seen him walk a long distance up to that corner. Thank you for telling his story.

  19. Heather Dubinetskiy Jan 21st 23:45

    I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to hear Reggie’s story, little do you know what kind of blessing his story could be to someone, my heart is touched! And love what he said at the end, forgive!

  20. Sequoia Grant Jan 22nd 00:03

    I am proud to say that he is my Uncle and glade to be his niece..I love u uncle Reggie

  21. Talisha Jan 22nd 00:18

    Hello my name is Talisha reggies grand daughter i just wanna say thank you so much for doing this for my grand father and family this means so much to me

  22. Sarah M. Jan 22nd 00:19

    Beautiful and inspiring. Thank you and thanks for Reggie sharing his story.

  23. Donell hatch Jan 22nd 00:23

    Man I can’t believe that’s my boy Reggie I used to stay in the same apartment as him he’s a really good man will respected love that man thank for the support he’s a very great man

  24. Mrs taylor Jan 22nd 00:25

    I know Mr Reggie personally and for years I’ve always wondered what happened to him he is a friend of my grandma and he’s kind and sweet may god bless you

  25. [Video] Sacramento Here is Reggie’s Story « 1025 KSFM Jan 22nd 00:32

    […] Reggie’s Story […]

  26. G.F Jan 22nd 00:46

    I’ve know Reggie for years. I thank you for brining attention to his story since some of us are scared to tell ours. He’s a brave man and no matter what happened yesterday he’s looking forward to the future shining bright. If only we all could share our stories.
    Thanks again and God Bless us all

  27. Joey Jan 22nd 00:53

    I worked in the area for years, seen Reggie out there nearly every day. Never new his name. Thank you for this story of humanity.

  28. Nan Colgan Jan 22nd 01:01

    Sasha, thank you so much for sharing Reggie’s story. Well done! For several years now I have handed Reggie money while sitting in traffic at one of the intersections seen in the video. Every time I have given Reggie money, I have wondered what his story could be. One time I handed him a $5 bill and a man crossing the street gave me a dirty look and said, Really?! Like you, I remained non judgmental and figured he needed it more than me. We can all benefit by owning up to our mistakes in life and count our lucky stars everyday like Reggie. Let’s be kind to one another as well as ourselves.

  29. Lasonta Carter Jan 22nd 01:23

    Great story, Thanks for Sharing

  30. Debbie Jan 22nd 01:23

    GOD Bless you Reggie and you Sasha for stopping to smell the Roses

  31. Briana Jan 22nd 01:25

    Reggie just warmed my heart and put alot of things into perspective for me in my life right now. I’ve grown up seeing him my whole life and have been scared of him. After this video next time I see him i wanna give him a hug and apologize. Everybody has a story that’s out panhandling his is remarkable and genuine and I’m honored to help him anytime I see him!!

  32. Hanna Jan 22nd 01:31

    my girlfriend got to know Reggie one day about the same way you did and we just fell in love with him and his amazing soul. Thank for this he deserves to be reconigzed.

  33. Annette Oliver Jan 22nd 01:36

    I’m the wife of Reggie we had to beautiful children who has been traumatized by this tragic event. Not only did effect Reggie but it also affected me and his children. I’ll never forget the day that Reggie turned out lives around Especially being there and witnessing the while thing . There’s nothing good about seeing another human burn. May God continue to work with Reggie.

  34. Mariah Jan 22nd 01:48

    I use to take the bus every day from high school an this man would come on the same time he is a very nice man and I always wondered what his story was and weather or not to feel sorry for him. It’s really sad how people are saying negitive things about him when I didn’t encounter one negitive thing with him. Out of all the sexual harassment that many guys in sacramento gave me this man was not one of them. He’s a nice man to talk to and it is a miracle he does things on his own i respect that.

  35. Tyreshia Jan 22nd 02:13

    This is beautiful. So puts a different perspective in place for myself and I believe many others. Thanks to you and Reggie!

  36. Gloria Steiger Jan 22nd 02:21

    Reggie lives in my neighborhood.
    Thank you for allowing him to tell his story.
    I am honored to have heard it from Reggie himself, via your film.

  37. Christopher Wortham Jan 22nd 02:32

    Hello every one, as you can see by my last name I am one of his many children the second from the last to be exact and I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has said or did anything nice to help out this man who is which my father, into anyone who have anything to say Negative about his story this is not the place for it this is a place where we are taking the time out to listen to someone story who deserves to be hurt not disrespected. also to the person that made this video I would love for you to email me so I can thank you in a better way then just writing it and saying thank you also I would like to say but the mistake that he made made me the great man that I am today for me and my children.

  38. amy Jan 22nd 02:45

    What a beautiful story!!!! God bless you Reggie!!!!

  39. Herbert Jarome Cantrell Jan 22nd 02:45

    I believe you were is the service when this happened.

  40. bernardo Jan 22nd 02:45

    that guy is one of my good friend of my thats for making this video

  41. Beignets Donuts Jan 22nd 02:49

    Reggie is a my buddy. He would call me his wife and give my kids money each time he saw us for doing good in school. Yes I give him money because what employer will hire him, plus his arms are brittle due to poor blood circulation. To the young woman that said he dressed nice. Just because you are burned doesn’t mean you dress poor. He doesn’t live in a lavish home. He lives in a 1 bedroom apartment in a low income area. He is not homeless, he is burned. Therefore he hss a right to dress nice. Furthermore maybe someone-blblessed him with the gokd chains as a gift.

  42. keshawn sessomz Jan 22nd 02:49

    This man can wear nice clothes he may also recieve a disability check but I kno he needs to panhandle. If you see Reggie looking nice or driving a Lexus that means he’s not wasting your money on drugs and booze. People act as if they want him to not put his money to good use. Its not like he can work or anything. Hopefully he gets a documentary deal or even sell his story for film or a book. This was inspirational

  43. Sarah Jan 22nd 02:51

    Thank you for bringing light to this man’s story. I hope that it reminds people to be thankful for all that they have.

    I don’t think I’ll ever drive past Reggie again without giving him whatever I can… even if it’s just a kind word.

  44. kaikai Jan 22nd 02:52

    Amazing! When I use to live in that area I seen him all the time. My daughter use to ask mom what happened to him? Now I’m able to share his story with her. In hopes of her understanding to extend her heart to those that are less fortunate because you never know their story.

  45. desiraye Jan 22nd 03:13

    I remembered when I was a little girl and stayed in the manors I use to see him often. I didnt know any better so I stared a lot. Than and day someone told me he burnt him self purposely I think it was over a woman. But I thought they were rumores. Im happy to see he is still here.

  46. kKathleen H Jan 22nd 03:14

    Thank you for sharing Reggie’s story. I give to him all the time but never knew his story or his journey.

  47. BSly Jan 22nd 03:20

    Thank you for sharing this..I’m a tough guy..but I had to stop the video twice..

  48. Elizabeth Jan 22nd 03:22

    It amazes me how judgmental people are, really because your burned you can’t have decent things?!? If you choose to give someone spare change do it out of kindness and genuinely. Come on, it’s not like any of you are giving him your paycheck. It’s up to him and his conscious what he does with it. Be the change you want to see in others.

  49. Anna Padilla Jan 22nd 03:24

    This is amazing!!! Thank you so much for doing this.

  50. Tanisha Jan 22nd 03:25

    I have no words. He said it very simply live life and we need to all be friend.

  51. Gina Jan 22nd 03:36

    God bless him. Beautiful story. Very wise and beautiful message he gives. Beautiful person, beautiful child of God. He always blesses you whenever you stop at the light.
    God bless you Reggie.
    Thanks for posting his story. I was one of those that whenever I had no cash I would just smile at him or looked away embarrassed for not being able to help. But I believe a simile or a God bless you would have been just as good for him.

  52. james adger Jan 22nd 03:37

    I’ve run into this guy several times. One of my co-worlers seen him several years ago at best Buy there by where he is on Howe. Said it was during the holidays buying a flat screen tv. I believe his story but some of these comments i see of him being rude is a fact cause he said Jeff you to me as i sat in my car, doing the same ting looking straight. hope the best for him but these people you have to watch out for. not as genuine as they may seem. Just saying

  53. Jennifer Jan 22nd 03:46

    That’s right Crystal, who are you? I worked at Chilis over a year and saw him on a daily basis. He has been through more than we can imagine and he still has a better outlook on life than most people I know. Reggie is an inspiration to those he meets. He reminds people how precious life is and because God gave him a second chance, he is using that to not only better his self but share his story so that he may help some one else heading down the wrong path

  54. Nisha Jan 22nd 03:48

    can someone please tell me where I can find him. I would like to help.

  55. NICHOL Jan 22nd 04:00

    I want to start off saying this FIRST :Casey in THE PREVIOUS comments is all wrong about REGGIE there is another guy disfigured just like reggie in Sacramento who does indeed wear designer clothes, gold chains and has a nice car or two but his name is mike and also has the same similar disfigurements. I think its a beautiful story reggie told but just because he has the same disfigurements and the same color dont get the men mixed up and slander him especially if he just shared his story with us all. I take his story is trying to tell us to take a better perspective on life.

  56. Joy Mello Jan 22nd 04:02

    I have been knowing Reggie and his children for years and he is quite the character! His children are beautiful,grown and living their lives. I often ask him about them. He smiles his smile and tells me he has been in touch. That’s the important thing, he stays in touch.
    I have never shied away from him or looked at him any different from who he really is, a man who had lived his life, made mistakes, picked his self up, and kept on keeping on!
    Will definitely see you in traffic Reggie
    Love Ta’Dow

  57. Whitney Whichard Jan 22nd 04:04

    I followed Reggie about a year ago and stopped and had a long conversation with him. He didn’t take my money and simply asked that when I see him I stop and say hi. He seems to feel SO deserving of his scars and kept telling me over and over and over again what a horrible horrible person he was…only sadly he didn’t say he was he said I’m a bad person…he feels terrible about the life he led and hurting his wife and kids…he went on and on about how incredible his wife was and how undeserving she was of such pain. He said what a monster he feels like for what they experienced. He said he feels his six kids are better off not being anywhere near him. I feel the scars he seems to have inside may be worse than those on the outside. He did NOT want me to feel sorry for or worry about him and went to great lengths to assure me he is perfectly ok and that it’s his wife and kids who deserve compassion. I can’t imagine what his family endured…the way he speaks of it it was horrific..I saw his wife’s comment and I am so sorry for your pain. He was very adamant you and the kids are the ones who our hearts should feel for.

  58. heather sugar Thompson Jan 22nd 04:06

    I slipt and fell in the store. Reggie seen me on the floor. He bent over grabbed me under the arm and tried to help me get up. He is a very nice guy

  59. Whitney Whichard Jan 22nd 04:12

    I just saw a comment from one of his kids saying you are in touch!!!!! I am so happy for that!

  60. Eleanor Morales Jan 22nd 04:13


  61. Monique Jan 22nd 04:14

    Im from sacramento and know Reggie personally he has never been rude or disrespectful towards me or my kids. I just read every last message and some of you need to get a life. Thanks for sharing this Sasha, I know that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. And for the record he can buy cocktail and eat lobster tails who cares. It’s either you give or you don’t. Once the money is out of your hands it’s now his. So don’t comment if it’s going to be negative. Didn’t your parents teach you if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. #tears watching this video….. Thank you again

  62. meeka Jan 22nd 04:22

    Bless him!

  63. Aaliyah Toney Jan 22nd 04:25

    Thank you so much for telling reggie’s story. My father grew up Reggie and we would always see him when driving home and we would give him money. One day I finally asked my dad what happened and he told me. It was really great to hear Reggie’s story from his point of view and how he feels about what happened. I can’t express to you how thankful I am for you sharing this.

  64. Ronnie Wilson Jan 22nd 04:34

    North Sac legend at first as a young dude I was lightweight scared till I met him personally and come to find out he will give you whatever he is a real stand up guy and hats off to the founder of this story.

  65. Rosa Mateo Jan 22nd 04:37

    Might i say WHO THE HELL CARES WHAT HE SPENDS HIS MONEY ON? JEEEEZ PEOPLE. Cut the n***a some slack. If i was him, id buy me a few 40s and hit the casino too. If i went through some sh*t like that. JS

  66. Nora Jan 22nd 04:49

    Beautiful and powerful video! Thank you so much for sharing Reggie’s story.

  67. Debora Jan 22nd 04:51

    Thank you for stopping to find out about him. I see Reggie all the time – for many years – and have wondered about him. Next time I stop for him, I will be sure to use his name. :)
    Wonderful piece.

  68. Victoria Jan 22nd 04:57

    This man is beautiful. Gracious and beautiful. I almost looked forward to seeing him every day on my way home from work (when my office was in the Arden area) because of how humble and sweet is was. I saved change, gift cards, etc., to give him – he was always so thankful and beautiful.

  69. Tamie Dramer Jan 22nd 05:05

    Thank you.

  70. Debbie Perez Jan 22nd 05:12

    Thanks for sharing. I have given to him several times and will continue when I visit in Arden area. God Bless you Reggie

  71. Moriah Jan 22nd 05:16

    You are a Phoenix. I’m so sorry you were paushed to the point of suicide. You are a treasure. I hope you send your children love. They need you.

  72. Erika Jan 22nd 05:17

    What a story fr brought tears to my eyes very sad that he had to learn that way life is worth living. But hes living and hes a vet i hope and pray that people watch this and see this man for who he is and not turn there head or look at him with disgust we are all gods children. Very touching.

  73. Twlia Laster Jan 22nd 05:20

    Sasha, Thank you for sharing Reggie’s story. I appreciate your heart for seeing this gentleman as a fellow human being. Everyone can learn from his story. Well done

  74. Mojie Jan 22nd 05:25

    thanks for sharing your story. Like many others I’ve seen and helped Reggie for many years. I never knew his story. He is always very thankful, polite and gracious. Your story has touched me. I will continue to help him and I’ll make sure to call him by his name. He’s a very brave man.

  75. Heide Jan 22nd 05:25

    Dear Reggie,
    You are beautiful. You are not alone. May God continue to bless you! Your faith in mankind, (as screwed up as our world is) is your legacy.
    I don’t know you. I have given mere pentence, at the corner of Howe and Alta Arden. Every time , you showed gratitude and bowed to me.
    May I bow to you for sharing your life to those who always wondered. I am your friend from afar.

  76. Donald Day Jan 22nd 05:25

    I had the privilege of meeting Reggie at Chilli’s on Howe Ave approximately 3 1/2 years ago. That day he was hungry and didn’t have a dime on him. I bought him a hamburger and a beer and sat down and listened to his story. I too gained a new perspective on life that day. I had just received divorce papers and was going through my own hell but hearing his story renewed my faith in God and myself. We all have our path in life. Some of us like Reggie are chosen to be examples for others. I believe Reggie is doing exactly what he was chosen to do and is inspiring and restoring faith in others to believe in our ourselves. We all have a purpose, it’s up to us to fulfill it!

  77. G. MARCH Jan 22nd 05:31

    Our God is An Awesome God, thank you so much for sharing Mr. Reggie’s story, I have endured so much in my 49 years here on Earth, but in compassion to what Mr. Reggie has been thru and endured it just doesn’t even come close. This gives me hope and I truly feel this was a Blessing from God for me to see this story at one of the darkness moments in my life. God Bless you Mr. Reggie and the writer of this story. I use to live in Sacramento for many years and I look forward to meeting Mr. Reggie on my next visit to Sacramento if God is willing. Blessings

  78. Leslie Jan 22nd 05:33

    I have been working in the arden area for 3 years now. I see Reggie at the light, it is always such s joy to talk to him. He’s so kind and grateful for anything. Thank you for sharing this story, during these 3 years I still haven’t gotten the courage to ask him what happened. God bless you Reggie.

  79. Ravenf32 Jan 22nd 05:34

    i have read all these comments. And watched the movie. And have encountersed Regie on his stomping grounds. I have given him money. I have disabled family. So with all that said he can’t work. I can’t imagine he gets that much money, but so what if he had some nice clothes. Why shouldn’t a person have nice clothes. So what he gambles. Who is anyone to say who can or can’t dream of winning, or get some lil bit of enjoyment In what must be a lonely life. And who the hell doesn’t have a bad day or wouldn’t get pushed to the point of annoyed with strange stares if we looked like he does. So I say if you feel the desire to give a bit to this stranger who has no way to work to keep the roof over his head, know that you are keeping the roof over his head. And if you thnk he has to much and want to pass judgment on how he spends his contributions then by all means don’t hand over your money. It’s each persons personal decision.

  80. Nicole Perez Jan 22nd 05:42

    I just wanted to tell you that I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful man.He is the most caring person I have ever met.
    I met him through my six year old son,Reggie was walking through our neighborhood one day,and my kids were playing outside with other kids from next door,When Reggie walked by all the kids ran except my son.My son who’s name is Cristiano went up to him and gave him a hug and said I love you.We have never met him before,and before you know it Mr. Reggie and my son talk all the time.But that’s not at Amazing part this Man name Reggie being such a great man not only does he stop by just to talk to but gives him money.I couldn’t believe it when he first did it ,I told him you need it more then me but he said it would break his heart if we said no.Words can not explain what I feel when I see them talking,he always tell him to be good in school and listen to your mom.So I just wanted to share that with you

  81. Joshuaelias29 Jan 22nd 05:45

    I was Reggie’s neighbor for a year before I enlisted in the Marine Corps where I am stationed in Okinawa, Japan. First let me address Casey’s remarks about his “lavish lifestyle” being that he’s a good friend of my grandmother whose name is Betty. That’s total bullshxt, Reggie’s disfigurement prohibits him from getting work so I believe he receives disability. He panhandles as his only resort. I have NEVER seen him walking around with any type of jewelry or ridiculously nice clothes. He is a very sweet man, I would always hear him returning from panhandling around 1700 yelling “BETTTTYY!!!” asking my grandma how her day was and occasionally asking to bum a cigarette. So if one day he did earn enough money to afford a nice get up should I be mad? He lives in an area where most of you who critique him wouldn’t be caught dead in, and we all know that usually goes hand in hand with low income housing. My sarcasm denotes he is an honest man from what I precieve. Stop shitting on people and realise their actually are good people in bad situations. – Cpl. Hernandez-Hisatake, J.E.

  82. Kim Jan 22nd 05:50

    Such a beautiful and touching story. The only thing I’d say is childhood or earlier pictures of Reggie would have really added to the story. Perhaps that would’ve been too private for Reggie but it would’ve made a more complete story. Thank you so much for bringing this man’s story to life.

  83. Crystal Jan 22nd 05:57

    I have encountered Reggie a few times over by Arden which is normally where he normally is, over there by the McDonald’s. And it’s funny because I never thought of ever hearing his story but of course I knew he had one. It is truly a blessing that you took the time to listen to his story, and to give us the ability to hear it as well. You know a person is really going through a lot when they feel that the only answer to their problem is to try to kill themselves. This really touched me and I am so glad you did this. There is somebody that will watch this that is truly going to need to hear him. This can honestly save lives because we all go through things in our life that gets us down to where we consider the possibility of wanting to harm ourselves. This video and his story was very moving and very inspirational great job.

  84. Elsie ross Jan 22nd 05:58

    I have been giving Reggie donations for three years now, and I never knew is name. I gave him $20 once too, but not because i didn’t have smaller bills, but because I felt it might get him out of the hot son sooner. Thank you for sharing his story

  85. Mary Spinetti Jan 22nd 06:01

    He opened the door for me yesterday when I was carrying my sons car seat into chipotle. He is a very kind man and I wanted to buy him food but he was talking to a UPS man… Then I turned my head and he was gone. Thanks for sharing his story!

  86. Mayra Jan 22nd 06:02

    Wow what a story. I always use to see him when I lived near Arden. Now I know his story, thank you for this!

  87. Jojo Jan 22nd 06:09

    Life is never easy! You have to choose your own path! Reggie has shown through all hits pain he continues to live his life and is grateful for another day! What a beautiful and amazing person he is.

  88. Aimee Williams Jan 22nd 06:24

    Thank you. I see this man all the time. There are still kind human beings in this world. Love

  89. Ronnie Rahim Jan 22nd 06:24

    I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Reggie but when I do I’m Def going to give him something. It’s such sad comments on here this man chose a destructive path and he pays for it everyday, is that not enough? Give out of the goodness of your heart at least he’s not getting high or drunk . Stop the negatively that’s what’s wrong with society being nice isn’t normal. Blessings Sacramento Family

  90. Lola Simm Jan 22nd 06:29

    what a beautiful man….God Bless You Reggie !

  91. Kari Jan 22nd 06:34

    I’ve seen him and have emptied my wallet to him. Burn is so disfiguring on so many levels, yet, he shines through as a beautiful, positive man. So much to learn so much to be grateful for and more so to be selfless…..God has used Reggie to reveal so much to me…,about me. God bless you, Reggie. You are beautiful indeed.

  92. Telitha Jan 22nd 06:40

    Ive met Reggie and burnt mike they do look similar i guess..burnt mike is the one who drives the lexus and wears expensive clothes and is sometimes rude i know burnt mike personally and i believe all the people who had the negative encounter met burnt mike he piggy backs off of Reggies story to get know what you are talking about before you share what you think you know about people and take the time to look them in the face cause if you did that as hard as you judged you would have known its two different men. Thank ypy sasha for sharing this story ive always known it but ive never heard it from him..and for those who have been judgmental light yourself on fire and live life and than tell me who you would be..

  93. Ronald Jackson Jan 22nd 06:44

    Powerful story. Very encouraging. I see Reggie almost everyday and I never thought to ask him about his story. Well done. Thank you for sharing Reggie’s story and your talent.

  94. Rita Jan 22nd 06:44

    I remember when i first met. Reggie it was 11 years ago. I was working at the ampm gas station he was always respectful to but I’m glad I know his story.

  95. Cm Jan 22nd 06:47

    Thank You Reggie and thank you Sasha for sharing Reggie’ s life story with the world. May God hold you in his palms,and help guide you on your new journey. May you Reggie, be hired in a fulfilling career,where you can help others who have lost their way,butvate having a hard time finding their way. Sasha, May you continue to be blessed by sharing the lives of those that are overlooked and misunderstood….perghaps a Book, an Inspirational Book, to help others who have lost their way….blessings for what you do.

  96. Marco Jan 22nd 06:50

    powerful!! I knew this man. I used to work on that coner chipotle and he would always come and chat with me, give me fist bumps everytime he leaves. My manager was always a dick to him, but I’d always treat em like a friend. Great story and keep going reg! Glad God had used you in such a powerful way!

  97. Jamila Jan 22nd 06:53

    Thank you for taking the time to tell Reggie’s story. I have seen and given to him often. His message should remind us to appreciate what we have. The negative comments actually sicken me. Why post at all? This man is obviously disfigured to the point where it would be near impossible for him to work. Also, his quality of life will never be equal to ours because of his appearance (no matter what he wears or where he eats). Donating the $5 you spend on Starbucks or MacDonalds won’t make or break you, and doesn’t give you the right to dictate how he lives his life. It also won’t change the stares and discomfort he deals with every day. He admits to his demons in the video. And just like all of us, he’s a work in progress.

  98. Have a heart Jan 22nd 07:07

    Thank you for sharing such a difficult yet touching truth. We are only human, we make mistakes. Only our LORD JESUS is perfect.

  99. Kerry Braggs II Jan 22nd 07:28

    Really cool. I’ve seen him a few times and will stop to chat next time. Much love

  100. NaTasha Jan 22nd 07:43

    Thank you for this……. I see him all the time and HAD NO IDEA. I really appreciated this.

  101. Amani Jan 22nd 07:44

    amazing story. Can somebody please tell me where he usually is? I would love to donate stuff/money to him.

  102. Cindy Jan 22nd 08:08

    This is very beautifully written, thank you for sharing it. I hope that everyone who reads it takes with them the compassion and empathy you have given us and maybe just maybe more people will stop and listen to someone’s story. I know Reggie personally, he has been coming into my work for many years. He is a very nice man with many great stories and lots of encouraging advice. I feel very special and grateful that Reggie comes to me for help, advice, simple conversation and anything else. :)

  103. william lee jackson Jan 22nd 08:22

    I’ve seen this man for years, and I have never once spoke to him. I have better perspective of this man. Great Documentary! of a local Sacramentan

  104. Jon k Jan 22nd 08:34

    Being able to read this and almost see him on the daily has been awesome to know that the choices we all make affect not just us but others as well. I’ve been really curious to how his whole body got charred, back when he told myself he had said a fire not that I set myself on fire. Even tho a lot of people on here have hate towards the man saying that he’s disrespectful towards women and such, he honestly needs to get some pussy but besides that just imagine how hard it must be knowing that what he had to go through to set himself on fire, but what does a sign flipper know. Be respectful. Be nice. Help others out. And be currtious to those around you to not pass judgement so fast. Just pur yourself in his shoes and just imagine how hard the struggle must be. Much respect to you Reggie, your my inspiration!

  105. Mersadies villar Jan 22nd 09:43

    I saw him before like sometime and I really feel bad for him because I’m just shock that he was homeless , happen to him (Reggie) and I wish that I would like to help him and god bless him….

  106. Tamieiko Jan 22nd 10:34

    God has blessed Reggie in so many ways, he is able to tell his story and in confidence. Yes I have seen Reggie in the Arden area as a bus driver, I always wondered his story. He is the amazing person I thought he was….thanks Sasha!!!!

  107. Irene Jan 22nd 10:41

    To God be the Glory…if you choose to give…give from your heart. We all have choices, to do or not to do. God has a plan for Reggie, that is why he is here sharing his story. May God continue to bless you Reggie

  108. Terrence Jan 22nd 11:00

    I know this man hed pretty much my uncle i met him at his house his wife just passed away

  109. Marie Jan 22nd 14:03

    For those that are commenting making statements that he’s rude grow up seriously. You get what you give so if he was ever rude to you I’m sure it was for a reason. I don’t know him at all but I’ve seen him many of times. I’m thankful to know his story. I wish him and his family many blessings. I like to see people do well even if it’s better than me. Thanks to all those that stated he dresses well I know my money isn’t going to waste when I contribute.

  110. Carolyn Reath Jan 22nd 14:40

    Is there a transcript of this interview? Videos on my computer freeze. I’ve seen Reggie a lot and often given him what I could. I have said regardless of how he was so badly burned we should reach out to this man. He’s always gracious and bows his thanks whether you have anything to give or not.

  111. Isiah Jan 22nd 15:07

    My family and i own a Car Audio shop in the Arden area and everyday in the morning when i would commute to sacramento i would see Reggie and always had the thouught in the back of my head what is this persons story becasue i seeen his face and i couldnt help but wonder. Years later now since i do not work in that area anymore i finally found out. Good Story and makes you think about life.

  112. Cindy Jan 22nd 15:43

    Thank you so very much for your story..very touching, I have seen him plenty of times and often wondered what happened to him, but to afraid to ask.

  113. ChuckEvrlstn Jan 22nd 15:44

    ive known Reggie for Decade or so.Always Real Life Holds no Punches..Sorry hear about Auntys Passing,she took care of Him..When he was wareout or sick she use to have to make him Stay in..for his glad more people are hearing his Story… Stayup and Out The Way BigDog..

  114. Teri LeCheminant Jan 22nd 15:44

    Wow. Amen. Thank you for this enlightenment and blessing.

  115. Deidra Williams Jan 22nd 16:03

    Just wanted to say.. I see this man all the time and like most others always wondered what his story was but as always I am In a hurry and never stopped to ask because I was to busy to stop and ask. I am glad we have people in the world like u that have the time to share the stories of local people. This was an amazing story and am very thankful that I stopped to watch it!! THANK YOU for sharing and I will forever be thankful for what I have.. may not be much but it is enough.

  116. Brandi Jan 22nd 16:16

    My son and I sat in our car while Reggie was at the light with his cup. My son asked about his appearance and I simply said it looked like he’d been in a bad fire. This story of Reggie is truly touching my heart because of the personal connection I feel having seen him in person and wondering myself about his story. Thank you thank you thank you to Sasha for taking the time to interview Reggie. Hoping this publicity will get him the mental health help he needs, and also some support to live his life.

  117. Brandi Jan 22nd 16:26

    to r9bert: His place off of Edison must be REALLY nice!!!! Don’t care what the guy does or doesn’t do, who he likes and who he doesn’t. Clearly he has a troubled life. It’s because of lack of empathy that our society has become so hardened to our human condition! Go Reggie! Get your swagger on, have a shot of patron at Chevys!!

  118. Holly Samuel Jan 22nd 16:26

    WOW! The courage you have Reggie moves my soul! Thank you for being so Brave & Sasha, thank you for inspiring me to stop and ask a story today, to give the bill instead of the change and to be the heart, eyes hands and feet of God for someone in this world who may feel alone like Reggie. If I ever see you Reggie, I want to hug you. Not for pity, but for Thanks. You inspire me and remember the same God that was with you then in that hospital, He is with you now & you are NEVER alone my friend. God bless you both! ♥

  119. Marisol Brambila Jan 22nd 16:31

    I ‘ve known Reggie for over a year now and honestly I don’t know what to believe, if he’s story is real then God Bless him for all the pain he’s ben tru, and if he’s story is fake and just trying to make people sorry for him then I’ll just leave that to God he’s the only one that can judge His actions. I’m a giver and will continue helping him and many others out there. I give not to get anything back I give cus I care for others and at the end God multiply my actions.

  120. Madisen Jan 22nd 16:35

    Thank you so much for sharing this video with all of us. It really makes you think about how little your own problems are. It would be wonderful if Reggie went back to school to finish his education. What a kind person you are for wanting to know his story. Thank you again.

  121. James Wood Jan 22nd 16:53

    it is simple, as Reggie says, let’s all be friends.
    Thank you for sharing his story.

  122. Arkansas Jan 22nd 16:59

    I stayed right next door to Reggie for bout 9 months last year. He a cool dude

  123. Kl Jan 22nd 17:16

    Thank you for his story. I live in Sacramento . Is this where this was filmed. Next time I pass I will know to stop and thank him for this message.

  124. Shannon Jan 22nd 17:19

    Thank you so much for sharing his story. I see Reggie all the time. He has a powerful message. The love we can give each other is the most important thing in life.

  125. monica Jan 22nd 17:36

    Thank you for filming Reggie. I have met Reggie many times and have bought him meals. One time he was trying to gather money to get Christmas presents for his grandchildren. He really is a super nice man when you take the time and talk to him. Thank you again for bringing Reggie’s story to us all.

  126. Nanci Jan 22nd 17:46

    He is most often at the corner of Arden and Howe. No designer clothes for this guy – he’s in rags, with layers. You must have him mixed up with someone else.

  127. Born in the US A. | abigailscott Jan 22nd 17:48

    […] […]

  128. Ms. Marsha Jan 22nd 18:01

    I never wonder nor do I ask what someones story is. because we all have had one. Life’s choices can be unforgiving.
    I just hope their circumstances gets better ends peaceful and puts them in a better place.

  129. SANTANA Jan 22nd 18:13

    Thank you for sharing Reggie’s story for us to see his beauty from within and remind us we all are beautiful and not to be judgemental.

  130. charlesettahughes Jan 22nd 18:33

    He is so positive and our sorry asses bitch about what we have and don’t have…. there is always someone that can bring a message home #everyoneneedstoknowreggie

  131. denise Jan 22nd 18:34

    Thank you for giving him an identity

  132. Bridget Jan 22nd 18:42

    thank you for giving us Reggie’s story. What a gift!

  133. Edna Biggs Jan 22nd 19:16

    Yes I’ve seen him on many occasions different places offen wonder what happen his story is amazing it shows our spirit goes on May God Bless him through his continuous journey

  134. Roanna Costa Krisko Jan 22nd 20:01

    I have run into Reggie a number of times by Arden Fair Mall. He’s a very, very nice man. He doesn’t get angry or blame others for his predicament. We were in 7-11 on Ethan together one day and the men behind the counter started talking in another language but you could tell they were talking about Reggie. He asked them to talk in English so he could know what they were saying about him. My heart broke for Reggie.

  135. HyeKeen Jan 22nd 20:46

    Thank you for sharing Reggie’s story. I know many of us Sacramentans have seen him and wondered just what happened to him. Just curious – is he unable to work or doesn’t want to? I’d think there would be programs available to him to help him work in some vocation… with adaptations to his level of ability or does his condition prevent any kind of work?

  136. Alice Carney Jan 22nd 20:49

    Sasha, thank you for giving Reggie a name and letting him speak as an individual. Because of your talent with the camera and your empathy, you let Reggie have a voice and you teach us a lesson, to see all people as humans and to be curious, to take a moment not only to give money, but to ask, “Who are you?”
    Thank you for sharing your gift.

  137. kendra Jan 22nd 20:49

    I’ve also seen him over the years living in Sacramento. Never gave money, just always spoke and wondered “his story”. Bless you heart for sharing his story as many of us wonder. These type stories keep me humble, and be blessed for the life I have…thank you!

  138. Pamela Jan 22nd 22:13

    I am tired of stories about the underprivileged and how we need to abolish them so our neighborhood looks better/
    We all need help from time to time. Thanks for the story.

  139. Karen Jan 22nd 22:31

    I always look for Reggie when driving at the corners he frequents. Thank you for telling his story.

  140. Toni Romero Jan 22nd 22:41

    Thanks so much for this.

  141. teresa Jan 22nd 22:51

    Thank you for sharing Mr.Reggie story it was heart touching.I will forever Rremember this!!

  142. Reggie gomez Jan 22nd 23:03

    I have seen Reggie many times and have been more then happy to help him. As you can see by my name he and I share the same first name. When I told him this he was so sweet and kind. I have always wondered what his story was. Thank you so much for giving him a platform in his life. You have given us such a wonderful gift.

  143. Ez Jan 22nd 23:39

    This guy is a scam ! Seen him at a restaurant off Broadway dressed in a flashy gator suit .
    Driving a Brand new mercedez Benz

  144. Sonya Winchell Jan 22nd 23:45

    I have seen Reggie over the years and given him money because his soul seemed pure to me. Having watched this video made me cry for the life lesson he had to learn. His journey is not over and what a beautiful message he passes on to all of us. Thank you Reggie, Sasha and Alex for reminding us that we are all connected.

  145. Tish Jan 22nd 23:59

    Tracey Wilson STFU!!!! The video was not made to ask you to give him money. Take the message in the video. SHAME ON YOU TRACEY!!!

  146. Mary Jan 23rd 00:09

    Reggie is the perfect example of who these panhandlers are. Most are not homeless. Most have some kind of mental illness and/or illegal substance abuse. Reggie’s situation began due to using illegal substance and probably mental illness brought up the use. I’m pretty sure he is receiving disability payments and living in a low income apartment he is probably paying very low rent. He has money. BUT, panhandling is probably his way of socializing because honestly, who would want to socialize with someone who has some of deformity? Majority of people will not want to associate with “ugly” looking people. That’s the straight honest truth. It is those who have a heart that will look pass the outside because the inside is beautiful. I don’t like that he panhandles when he is most likely receiving public assistance but I do want him to feel that he is love and wanted.

  147. Angelina Jan 23rd 00:36

    This is truly an amazing story! Seen him before on the streets and it just broke my heart seeing him out there trying to make a living for himself. Great job on getting his story and sharing with the world! You really do some amazing things for people all over the world. God bless you!

  148. Ricky Jan 23rd 01:30

    Could someone type up a transcript for this video? There isn’t any captions and I am interested in Reggie’s story.

  149. Mark Sewell Jan 23rd 02:30

    I have passed through the intersection of howe and alta arden many times. I have seen Reggie there many times. Everytime I have given him what I could at the time. As a 25 year old college student working a full time job and attending college full time, Ithought my life was tough until the day I first saw Reggie and I thought to myself now that guy has had it hard. I never said a word to him just would hand him cash and keep going about my way. My girlfriend has shared this video with me and I will continue to share it with everyone I know. He has been a motivation to be succed, and will continue to inspire the youth for many years to come because of this video sharing how hard life can and with a little determination you can the world around you for the good. GREAT WORDS REGGIE!

  150. Kimy Gibson Jan 23rd 02:35

    I have known Reggie for about 2 decades. We smile and wave everyday when I see him. I use to live on Wyda Way for 9 years and he would talk with me every day. When I saw him on Edison one day I offered him a ride as I thought he lived by Arden. He declined telling me that is where he lived. He is a very kind person. I have never heard a bad word come from him if a car just goes by or people stare. He just carries on as positive as possible. Which is a lot more than a lot of other people are these days. He is paying a price every day for his own actions. It is not any of our places to judge. He has to deal with the man in the mirror every day. Sasha you did a beautiful job on this film. Reggie, you were a star to me before this film and now you can be a star to all who see it. Wish we all could appreciate life the way you do now. Love ya, Kimy (with the Red Monte Carlo from Wyda Way)

  151. Amanda Padilla Jan 23rd 03:29

    We are all imperfect and can learn from each others mistakes in life not just our own. Love thy neighbor and judge not, lest ye be judged.

  152. Genelle Jan 23rd 03:56

    Omg i love this story I ran into Reggie at the same stop light across from the chipotle, I agree that when someone is looking for some extra change u tend to look the other way “you might even start talking to yourself like I need some extra money they better go out an find a job instead of sitting around etc” when I seen Reggie it was different he opened my eyes to see the bigger picture I had a few bucks on me I shared that I came back in about an hour he was still there I went to the store an grabbed him some snacks chips a bottle of water an a candy bar he excepted it with open arms I seen him again later on my way home an stopped to talk he told me his story he told me about his grand kids then he pulled out the chips an asked me to open them he said nobody would stop for him because of his looks an of course they expected him to be asking for money all he needed was somebody to open the bag for him smh life’s to short nobody’s perfect have a heart when it comes to the Unfortunate people you never no what they been through u never will know there story unless you hear them out an give them a chance don’t judge the book by his cover I miss seeing you everyday Reggie stay strong live life with no worries it could be worst

  153. Genelle Jan 23rd 04:16

    Reggie does get a check an does have a home he panhandle for extra things to buy his grand kids fast food toys Nice close he will tell you that if you ask in his words I’m not homeless I just need a little extra money it’s hard for him to get a job due to his looks it’s even harder only receiving aid yes he caught his self on fire he felt like there was no other way out he didn’t wanna be here no more he gave up on life but God had a different plan for him so he had to deal with the out come I don’t think Reggie is looking for a pity party an what’s a dollar are two Tracey shame on you Reggie keep fighting for a better future

  154. Jennifer Jan 23rd 04:17

    What an amazing story about a kind hearted, wise, and beautiful man. If we could all just simple hear his message imagine what our world could be.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  155. Asia Jan 23rd 06:19

    I have known Reggie for about 15 years. Threw the years I have seen not only him but his recently deceased wife give their last dollar they have to someone in need. Most people who have commented on here get and understand his message he was trying to tell. Reggie is know by thousands of people in sacramento and beyond. No one is in a position to cast judgement. The only difference is he is not betraying to be something he is not. He opened up for all to see. Most can’t admit that they have done anything wrong much less to the depth that he went.
    Reggie is a living legacy. Words and wisdom that most are not prepared for.
    There are a lot of people that don’t like going out in public when their hair is messed up or their cloths are not pressed just right. Here is a man that has embraced the depths of the darkest ally and yet still looks to the end where the light will soon shine again.
    His purpose for living is to teach us all compassion and love. I have witnessed first hand him teaching compassion. My children have all known him from birth so they are not scard of him…. But other kids that I have brought around him have been terrified of him. With so much kindness and paticents he calms their fears and Humanizes himself. A life lesson for not only my kids but their friends.
    Trust me when I say that Reggie takes his own inventory where most are to scard to. He is a beautiful example of what the human sprit is capable of.
    Thank you for doing this story. Thank you for having the courage to show so many others that out of fear of invading to ask. All Reggie, I think, has ever wanted is to be recognized as a human. He is makeing the best of his life… Why can’t we be happy for that. Why do we have to cast judgement on someone else when most could not travel 10 steps in his shoes. This goes for every homeless bum on the street…. They just want to be treated with respect and dignity … When I was younger I sat down and talked to homeless people and asked their store… What I realized is just because I have a house to go to and a nice clean bed does not make me more human or better then them. 80% of America is just 1 pay check away from being homeless.
    Thank you for giving Reggie dignity and respect in your video. Well done

  156. Jennifer lopez Jan 23rd 06:21

    Wow that was something else. Thank you for taking the time to share this and for being someone that he felt he could open up to. I saw a homeless back in the fall. He wasn’t asking anyone for anything. Just sitting and as I looked at him, I felt sadness. We called him over and gave him some money. He looked surprised. Ever since I go out of my way to look for him. His name is mark. At least that is whAt he tells me. I bring him food, toiletries, money, etc. at Xmas I put together a gift, hat and scarf with a card and $20 in it. I bought him a burrito so he would have something warm to eat. I searched and found him. After I gave him the items I remembered that I had been wanting to ask him his shoe size. I approached him again and asked his shoe size. He had this look on his face so I asked him what he would like. He replied shoes. I went and bought him shoes, gloves, pack of socks and underwear, backpack, a zip up hoodie and a box of cookies. It’s been almost a month since I saw him. I just put together another bag for him. Will see if I can find him this weekend.

  157. Brion Jan 23rd 07:32

    if this isn’t on YouTube please put it on there and change the world. Maybe give Reggie the money when it hits ten million views.

  158. C. A. Jan 23rd 07:48

    Thank you for taking the time to ask. Great piece of work. I was lucky enough to meet Reggie once, while he was on the corner. The light was long and we had a conversation. After the first few moments he makes you forget about his appearance and focus on his positive energy. I never saw him again but every once in a while I would remember that encounter. He is an unforgettable character. And now you have presented his story. Thank you.

  159. Stacie Jan 23rd 07:51

    I have seen this man on the bus while going to college many times but was always scared to come up and ask what happened to him and I always wanted to know. So thank you for this video it is so great.

  160. Ana Jan 23rd 08:02

    I too saw this man today and am ashamed to say that I buried my head looking down at my phone to avoid eye contact! It’s hard to face our fears dead on like that so I chose not to. Perhaps next time I will have the courage to look!

  161. Lysa Jan 23rd 09:21

    Beautiful piece of work. Thank you.

  162. summer Jan 23rd 13:54

    Thank you for putting together this great story.I still have one question, why does Reggie Pan Handle? I applaud his bravery to be in the community. Just trying to understand the money part.

  163. Paul McCoy Jan 23rd 14:10


  164. Talisha Jan 23rd 16:44

    My grandfather does not have flashy jewlery ,nice clothes or a benz the LIES people tell to get attention is sick , get a life and STOP slandering my grandpa and get a LIFE!!!!!

  165. Shelly Jan 23rd 18:13

    Thank you for doing this story on Reggie. I too have driven past him many times and have often wondered what his story was, but never thought to stop and ask him. Thank you for allowing me to see him through different eyes. God bless you!

  166. Karri Jan 23rd 18:22

    Thank you for shining a bright light on Reggie’s story. We see Reggie frequently and he always has some positive words of encouragement for my son.

  167. ricco Jan 23rd 19:08

    That’s my friends dad he use 2 b a cold street guy from the delpasohights God bless him

  168. julianna rodarte Jan 23rd 20:24

    I see all the time and when i can i give what money i have in my wallet, I wonder what happened to him, but did not know how to ask him, So glad you did a story on him, his been to hell and back and still has a positive attitude on life. And he knows good has his back. What a amazing person he is . I hope some good stuff comes his way from his story, best of luck Reggie tell the next time i see you,

  169. kevin w Jan 23rd 22:02

    My wife and I stay on howe and cottage and have seen Reggie many times and I have always wondered what happed to him but gave money when I could but didn’t want to ask him out of respect what happened cause he probably have had that question asked to him many times. I am glad that he had a chance to tell his story and be hear. His story really touched our heart and I believe many others also.

  170. Kristin Jan 23rd 22:11

    I am speechless. This video brought tears to my eyes but warmth to my heart. I am grateful to have come across this video and to hear Reggies’ story. How brave of him to give us all a glimpse into his life. I wish I could be half as brave as he. I myself am facing my own health issues, diagnosed coincidentally on July 23rd as well. His story reminds me to live each moment to the fullest and to love with all my heart. Thank you, Reggie, for that reminder!

  171. Dmitriy Jan 23rd 23:09

    powerful clip. I see him around that intersection and usually try not to pay attention. Such strong words of wisdom from this man.

  172. Mike Jan 24th 00:03

    That’s why I been like FUCK REGGIE

  173. Raymond Jan 24th 00:39

    thank you stranger, thank you.

  174. Tisha Reese Jan 24th 01:02

    Thank you for sharing. I worked in Sacramento and on lunch breaks would often see him by CostPlus. I often wondered if he was sincerely using my offering in a positive manner. This video gave me comfort knowing Reggie is a good man. Thank you for sharing.

  175. Dear Reggie | Appetite for Honesty Jan 24th 02:28

    […] use to wonder what your story was, but was too shy, too busy, or too afraid to ask. I left that city never knowing your […]

  176. Justin dill Jan 24th 05:01

    I also want to take the time to say I appreciate your concern because without that at first there would have been no story and as u said yourself majority of the world is impatient with life and unappreciative for the little things that’s sometimes or maybe most of the time bigger than what people think is great. He touched me as well as u for taking your time making the video. I have no financial way to help this man but what I was once told words of wisdom and love is better than what anyone in the world can u give u Materialistically. So with that said God bless u and him and thank u for that inspiration to my heart and softening my heart to the remembrance of love.

  177. preciou Jan 24th 06:00

    I personally know Reggie is a cool person wit a heart of gold a lot of women would take advantage of him and his handicap . My father til this day hangs out with him my father they sit and talk about the military and different countries they been never judge a book by its cover we all have a story and I’m so proud how he touched peoples God bless the lady that took her time to get to know about him u r awesome

  178. RaShawn Edwards Jan 24th 15:07

    WOW ,I live in the Sacramento area I WAS very happy to see someone had the courage to ask him what happen and did this wonderful taping of him . Thank you for sharing!

  179. RaShawn Edwards Jan 24th 15:41

    I would love to see a pic of him before this happen his story makes me think about a lot I must have watched this film three times

  180. Matthew Linder Jan 24th 16:22

    Has a fund been started to help Reggie out? If so, where would one contribute to it?

  181. Nixa Jan 24th 22:48

    Thank you for telling this story.

  182. Kirk Jan 25th 08:04

    Powerful in what go’s unsaid.

  183. melissa Jan 25th 22:04

    I see Reggie at that intersection a couple of times a week. You can’t know how grateful I am that I came across THIS. From now on, I will say “Hello, Reggie” and maybe thank him for his words of truth.

  184. Corinna Jan 26th 00:45

    I have seen and donated to this guy for years!! Never knew his story or his name and I didn’t need to I could see that he need the extra help, now I know his story, God bless you Reggie..

  185. MCL Jan 26th 06:36

    Thsnk you for giving Reggie a voice to speak to those of us who were too afraid to ask.

  186. Reggie. | Sasha Leahovcenco PhotographySasha Leahovcenco Photography | Film Therapy Jan 27th 05:13

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  187. Kaci Jan 27th 19:19

    Great story Sasha. Every time I see Reggie on the corner of Alta Arden/Howe I am humbled by his amazing spirit! My contribution of money when I see Reggie is nothing compared to what he brings to humanity. God Bless You Reggie!

  188. Mike Jan 27th 20:27

    Seen him a lot around arden area.Very powerful meaning to enjoy life.Great story,God bless you Reggie!!

  189. Nichelle Jan 28th 03:41

    I have seen Reggie since I was a kid and have given him money from time to time but I never realized how inspiring he is. All of this time and I never thought to talk to him and hear his story. What a beautiful thing you did :)

  190. Michelle Watkins Jan 28th 22:21

    This story has truly touched my heart so that I can’t hold back the tears. I truly know that I will forever remember you, “Reggie” and will be sharing this documentary with my 2 boys and daughter. God Bless you and thank you for this Sasha!

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  202. Rhonda Jan 30th 01:56

    JESUS loves you and died for you and you are not alone . He cares for you. Here is what can save you from Hell. admit you are a sinner realize there is a penalty for sin in hell but JESUS CHRISTI died for you and me and ask him to save you and take you to heaven when you die and he will save you from hell. JESUS is the answer for your loneliness. He loves you! GOD LOVES YOU!! There is a reason you survived to know and accept JESUS AS YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOR.

  203. Marine Who Set Himself On Fire Has Stunning Advice On How To Lead A Beautiful Life | Usa times Jan 30th 04:24

    […] “This is what we suspicion would be a best thing for me — to leave this earth,” a 58-year-old pronounced in a documentary constructed by Sasha Leahovcenco. […]

  204. noelle Jan 30th 07:31

    Watching Reggie and listen to him, made me cry. I feel sad. Why do we feel so bad to the point we take our life? I pray and wish Reggis happiness, love .

  205. Power O. Jan 30th 15:52

    For me the moral of this story is like the popular song “1day @ a time”. We all have to be grateful to God for seeing a day. Thanks for this story

  206. Kurt Cobain Feb 03rd 19:15

    That’s deep

  207. Hawglegg Feb 04th 15:50

    I didn’t even look at the video and I have tears running down my face because I have seen this guy for years as well. You are truly a blessing and for your time and Reggie will always be blessed. God Bless All

  208. [Video] Sacramento, Reggie Tells His Story « KYMX Mix 96 Feb 04th 19:10

    […] Check out Reggie’s Story in the compelling short film below. Also, be sure to read more about Reggie’s story on the film’s website. […]

  209. [Video] Sacramento, Reggie Tells His Story « New Country 105.1 FM – KNCI-FM Sacramento Feb 04th 19:11

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  210. [Video] Sacramento, Reggie Tells His Story « NOW 100.5 FM Feb 04th 19:12

    […] Check out Reggie’s Story in the compelling short film below. Also, be sure to read more about Reggie’s story on the film’s website. […]

  211. Sabrina Feb 05th 00:41

    I had to gain my composure after watching this. I know what it feels like to be pushed to the edge and become tired of who you are. I also have been given a second chance from God to make things right. My 13 year old son watched this video and now wants to meet Reggie. We both think he is an amazing person with a beautiful soul. Much love. Thanks for sharing!

  212. Tanya Feb 05th 05:59

    Where exactly can I find Reggie I would like to help him out. Thank you

  213. Vitalina Tatach Feb 05th 19:55

    Wow, thanks for doing this! I’ve always wondered, but did not have guts to ask him. I often drive past there with my daughter in the car and she always hides when she sees him. Now I can tell her the story and maybe get her to understand so she would not have to hide every time we pass him. He has a beautiful soul underneath it all! His story and your commentary really touched my heart. Thank you again :)

  214. Vitalina Tatach Feb 05th 19:57

    Reggie is often on the corner of Alta Arden and Howe Ave for those who want to meet him.

  215. Marine Who Set Himself On Fire Has Stunning Advice On How To Lead A Beautiful Life | Political Ration Feb 10th 13:28

    […] “This is what I thought would be the best thing for me — to leave this earth,” the 58-year-old said in a documentary produced by Sasha Leahovcenco. […]

  216. Tina P. Mar 04th 18:34

    Thanks so much for sharing Sasha! Definitely gave me a different perspective on life. Please let us know how we can help Reggie!

  217. chris stevenson Oct 27th 20:29

    I’ve seen Reggie, and no matter the amount of money I had, it went to him. I don’t care how/why he got burned, I just knew he needed it

  218. Danielle Nov 21st 08:18

    I literally just saw Reggie this morning (11/20/15) on Arden coming home from Arden Fair. I didn’t have any money on me but I’m always intrigued by other peoples stories and life experiences. I have been thinking about it all day and decided to google “Sacramento Burn Victim” and this was the 1st thing that came up. When I saw his picture I couldn’t believe I actually found it. It usually takes awhile to find out about people. So awesome reading his story and hearing about his positive outlook.

  219. Michael Haring Dec 13th 15:41

    Reggie , I dont know if you read the comments , but I thought that if you did you would maybe read mine. I see you most of the time M-F . My girl-friend sees you every day and we give what we can. I thought I was just like every other man in this world. 5-4 and rapidly losing my hair . I though I had rough life. I was driving one afternoon in my PT cruiser and a couple of high schools kids said hey baldy get some hair. I said to myself WTF just happened . My ex Debbie.S Has HSP (Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia) .Very Rare. I asked her one day if she could hurry because we were walking in the rain and I was getting all wet. She STOPPED her walker looked up at me AND SAID ‎ you can go ahead Ill be fine and with this big smile, gorgeous eyes, cute little frame. IT’s ONLY RAIN!!! . WE ARE ALL NORMAL…. . Keep going Reggie. Thank you!!!!! Alex Thank you for the great story.
    Your drive by Friend.

  220. Lance Wells Feb 03rd 18:29

    Reggie Here’s What I Have To Say,,, You Are Going To The Kingdom Of Heaven,,, If i Really Feel It In My Heart Than Im For Sure Jesus Feels It in Himself Too. Real Talk And Every Body On Here In Jesus Name I Believe Is Praying For You Too. Keep Seeking The Kingdom Of God

  221. Rachel Feb 04th 01:52

    I’m sure glad I got to watch this and what a sweet human being he is. I have seen him and gave him what tiny bit of money I had and now I will say hi next time I see him and know that his story can happen to anyone and wow what a life. I bet he could be a good motivational speaker at kids schools.

  222. Imani Feb 05th 06:23

    This was wonderful. So glad to finally hear Reggie’s story. Very humbling but also reminding not to judge people by appearances or their state in life, ever. He is a strong and inspiring person, and thank you for helping him tell his story.

  223. LIndsey Feb 06th 18:49

    I was so moved by this film I started a gofundme page. I’ve never done anything like this before so I hope I gave credit right and if not someone just show me how. I’d love get Reggie’s contact information so he can receive all of the money that is donated.

  224. Orebotse Nthomang Mar 29th 07:50

    This is a great story! For me it gives me a revelation that we may think it is over with our lives as we go through tribulations, but God has a plan about us, “for He knew us while in our mothers’ wombs”. The plan of God is fulfilled as Reggie is alive and life still goes on. I have gone through this story several times and it touches me all the time. Thanks Sasha and may God bless Reggie for opening up to you; for this is reaching many nations and teaching us! The Holly Bible in 1 Chronicles 4:10 teaches us how one’s situation can be changed by God.

  225. Reggie at Alta Arden and Howe | Apr 28th 21:44

    […] Reggie […]

  226. Denise Feb 05th 19:09

    I saw him driving a yellow mustang and I’ve seen him at red lobster too. Hmmm….

  227. Tammy May 13th 23:12

    I met Reggie today at the Cheesecake Factory. I had no idea of his story or what happened. He was a sweet, kind man and although hard to understand at times, very friendly. I was thinking how I admired this man sitting the resturant living life happily, with all the challenges he faced trying to drink and eat. But the whole time he was a pure delight. My heart melted when he said he had to go, his grandaughter was playing soccer and he was going to go watch. I’m so shocked at how his injuries came about but inside and out, this man is beautiful . God bless you Reggie …

  228. KAREN Dec 17th 14:29

    I used to feel so sorry for Reggie, until I saw him leave the corner and get in his Lexus parked by Chipotle. It’s nice to see another side of him

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