BLACK BRAIN is a pop-noir artist disrupting beauty and thought. He whips ink like Dexter does blood. His gifted, art psyche develops stories that bring color to the mundane, dialogue to the mute and personality to the dull. His work is a voice for the transitional generation.

BLACK BRAIN’s apprenticeship commenced at the Design and Architecture Senior High in Miami, Florida and matured at The Cleveland Institute of Art.His in-demand talents have globally guided him to award winning design firms including Hasbro, Takara, Eleven, and Karten Design where he was recognized with the CES Innovation award, IDA Residential Sustainable Design award and named the 2009 IDA product designer of the year. Since then, BLACK BRAIN has joined forces with philanthropic groups and other artists/designers/dreamers to pursue his first love – art -most recently working with helping end the world’s water crisis.

BLACK BRAIN also is co-owner of Vergez, Inc., an arts-centric, high-concept environments design collective alongside his artist/designer wife. When not slinging ink he plays superhero to his wife, Otelia and 5 nuggets,Eva, Naya, Ezra, Viviana, and Nico (a.k.a. @BabyBlackBrain).

BlackBrain | We are created to create. from Valentin Sevostyanchuk on Vimeo.

DP/Editor: Valentin Sevo







Main bag:ThinkTank Airport Security 2.0
Shoulder bag:ThinkTank Retrospective 30
Camera:Canon 5D Mark III
Lens:Canon 24-70 II
Battery pack:Vagabond Mini 120VAC
Light stand:10-foot light stand

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