After my first trip to Haiti, I was  overwhelmed with what I have witnessed there. And one week later as I got back home from my trip, I was already on the plane back to Haiti. Two friends of mine Julie and Scott came along to help German organization with their orphanage which they have started 8 month ago.  If you want to contribute to this orphanage, you can do that by following the link. (Just press Spenden, and it will take you to the paypal page).
I spent there one week, during which we could do some medical clinics, distribute food and also help with repairing new facility for orphanage.
Also, this time I had a chance to explore another part of Haiti. We decided to go to the very south part of the island to the ocean with all the kids. And it was a blast, as most of the kids from the orphanage have never been to the ocean before.

Tent Camp:


On the way to Jacmel:


Tent camp:

Medical clinics:


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April 7, 2011
Soo sad. Thanks for sharing Sasha. Makes me appreciate my life way more.
Atiya Hussain
May 22, 2011
Very heartbreaking - especially the juxtaposition of the rubble and the life that goes on around it.