I’m always exited about the end of the year where I don’t have a lot of stuff going on, and I can focus on my personal projects, and especially on Help Portrait events.
I moved from Fresno about 2-3 month ago, but couple of weeks ago had a chance to go back and take part in HP event in Fresno Rescue Missions. And what special about Fresno Rescue Missions and the people we had a chance to meet, talk and photograph is that they are part of the Fresno Rescue Mission ministries, comprised of our 18 month recovery programs and Short-term care shelter. The men in the Academy are either referred from the legal system (Probation, Parole or Criminal venues) or are walk-ins from referral agencies or the streets. There are over 100 men living in residential portion of the Academy program and another 40+ in the 6-month Aftercare segment, making up the 18 month program. The single women are from our Samaritan Women program, a ministry currently working with individuals who have exited incarceration and are in the process of acclimating back into society.
All of these individuals have families. And the goal of Fresno Rescue Missions is not only make them productive members of society, but to help them restore broken family relations.

It was amazing to hear all the stories and testimonies of the people there.
Special thanks to Al Kawasaki and Donna who put together this event, and also Danny and Vlad who did an amazing job doing BTS video.


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December 6, 2011
i love seeing this! we need more people to do things like this to families that are less fortunate than us! Thank you for making me stop to just thank the Lord for what we have, and to give!
December 6, 2011
Sasha.. that is super awesome that you are a part of this huge movement. They will cherish those photos forever..
December 7, 2011
you're amazing :) i'm planning to go to siberia and do one of these next year maybe, we should talk.