On September 28th, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit the city of Palu in Indonesia, followed by an 18-foot tsunami that caused massive destruction to the whole island. This left 2,000 casualties, with 5,000 still missing and presumed dead. The official search for the lost has been called off and little to no help is offered by the government.

Entire neighborhoods and communities are completely displaced, destroyed and buried under mud due to liquefaction.

When we arrived, the eye opening truth was hard to witness. We met so many that lost everything.

One of the people that has left a deep impact on us was, Milka, a local on the island, who suffered a tragedy that truly left us heartbroken. The tsunami had taken her entire family and her home. Throughout the week following the tsunami, she began to discover the bodies of her loved ones one by one under the ruble. There are many like her who have lost it all and require our help to build a new life.

We arrived to Palu without a clear agenda but with an acute awareness that these stories need to be heard. And it was our responsibility to tell them. Every dollar will go directly to the effort of restoring some of what was destroyed and to provide essential necessities for the victims. Many are without food, toiletries and basic medical supplies. We plan to help fill that need for as many as possible.

Our effort may not leave a big dent but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try and do something. Anything. Join our small tribe to make a difference.

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Special thanks to Val Sevostyanchuk for his craft of storytelling. For never saying “no” when help is needed. And for doing it all with the best attitude.

Palu from Sasha on Vimeo.



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November 23, 2018