Recently I got contacted by one of the music producers in Sacramento, CA to do a CD cover shoot for upcoming country artist Tiffany Lorraine.
We didn’t have time to figure out location or the concept, as they needed photos as soon as possible.
The next day I showed up at Tiffany’s house for the shoot with no idea what lighting conditions or location I have to work with.
We decided to go with couple of different portraits for the front and back cover.

Both photos were shot with Canon 5D Mark II and 85mm 1.8 lens.
For the first photo as a main light I used a ring light with 12 60w bulbs, which my good friend Phil built for me.
And a beauty dish as a hair light.
It created a very soft equal light around Tiffany’s face, and also reflection of the bulbs draw attentions to her eyes.

For the second photo I used the same setup, the only thing which changed was the angle.

After the shoot I sent images to my good friend and Photoshop genius Merek Davis who took care of the skin, hair and all the other details and I just added a little bit of tone to the photos.


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