This was very spontaneous photo shoot. My friend called me 4 hours prior to the shoot and asked if I want to come along with him and take couple of shots while he is doing a video of the bike.
I grabbed my camera and some gear and went along with him. We drove up the hills in Auburn, CA where I could take couple of quick photos.
It was a very simple setup. A Westcott Apollo Softbox with canon 580 ex II flashes. I used cyber-syncs to trigger, and this time I shot with canon 5D mark II and 35 1.4.


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December 3, 2013
Hello! I was just wondering if you get all your Canon gear for free. Do they sponsor you? I like the look and feel of your shots. I have ONE camera. Canon Rebel T3i with 2 lenses. I bought a refurbished Pics but I love the Selby. Never heard of it until recently. I am an amateur but I think I'm getting better each day. I love black and white street photography/portraits . Again, I just want to tell you I really like your work and ask about the equipment because I could never afford all of what I would need to get started. Have a great day!